Custom / Customizing

Custom / Customizing

Hagatex offers not only high quality at very low prices, but also offers many other advantages;

Table linen tailored
The tablecloths can be custom made ​​to a maximum width of 280 cm, this is no surcharge calculated.

Large range
In Hagatex you (can assemblies) your total linen package. It has a wide choice of different colors, sizes, materials and designs.

No minimum order
For small orders, you can also contact us. We are not assuming a minimum order or specific amount you need to spend.

Logo printing / inweving
You can personalize the items by means of an imprint of your (company) logo. You can choose from embroidery and print in full color or inweving. You provide the logo via email and we’ll do the rest.

fast delivery
Articles from stock within two working days.

In short, we are open to your ideas and wishes. Let us know and we will make something beautiful