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Are you looking for Hagatex 50x100cm towels?

Are you looking for high-quality 50x100cm bath towels made of Egyptian cotton for your restaurant, hotel, company, or sauna? Hagatex is the supplier that provides your company with everything related to textiles. The majority of our towels are made of 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton. Quality differences in towels can make a positive difference for your guests and contribute to the overall visitor experience. On this page, you will find an extensive range of bath towels in sizes: 50×100.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

Of course, everyone has a different opinion on the definition of quality. Egyptian cotton is described as the best cotton in the world. The important thing about good 50x100 towels is the number of grams per square meter. This is also referred to as 'grammage'. The most common weight that occurs in the towel market is 360 gr/m2. Hagatex deliberately opts for a heavier quality. At Hagatex bath towels can be ordered in 430, 500 and 600 gr/m2. The heavier the towels, the better the quality.

The towel is mainly available in sizes 50x100 and 30x50. In addition to the normal sizes, there are smaller towels. The so-called guest towels are intended for single use. These guest towels are intended for the toilets of catering establishments. The 50x100cm towels are available in different colours. So that it matches the hotel design of your bathroom and bedroom.

The lifestyle towels are the perfect white towels for using the sauna. These towels are 600 grams per m2 and are the best towels on the market in terms of quality. This towel is equipped with Egyptian cotton, which is the best cotton in the world. The oasis towels are also provided with 600 grams per m2 and feel soft. The oasis towel has a brown colour which fits perfectly with a luxurious look. The advantage of these 50x100cm towels is that they do not fluff due to their excellent quality.

Custom Hagatex 50x100cm Towels

At Hagatex you have a wide choice of custom towels in addition to the regular 50x100cm towels. Do you have special wishes that you are looking for? Do you want a logo on your towels? We are here to support you, contact us and we will discuss all the possibilities.