Bath Linen – Comfortable and Silky Soft!

Looking for silky soft bath linen? Search no further! Hagatex is here to help you look for all types of bath linen, including bath towels, bathrobes, guest towels, washcloths, beach towels and so on. With comfortable and silky soft bath linen it is possible to let your guests relax in, for example, a silky soft bathrobe with matching bath slippers. View our product range below.

Bath Towels for your Catering Company

Nothing is as nice for your hotel visitors as wearing a lovely luxurious bathrobe after a nice bath or shower - and did you know that even the softness of your towels is important in the assessment of your catering company? It is therefore certainly important to provide your hotel rooms with the best quality bath linen. Fortunately, you can go in any direction with Hagatex. So take a quick look at our large range of bath linen.

Bath Linen of the Best Quality

Do you want the best quality bath linen for your guests? At Hagatex we guarantee the highest quality. The products we supply are mainly made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton is known for being the best in the world. Cotton from Egypt has gained a good reputation, this is because Egyptian cotton seems to be superior to other types of cotton. With Egyptian-grown cotton, the threads are stronger, longer and closer together, which ensures the best quality. In addition, you can assume that your products will not pill. This is because the Egyptian cotton plants, unlike others, do not produce much fluff. So you can fully rely on the best quality bath linen.

Bath Linen from Hagatex

Hagatex is the best place to go for the best quality bath linen! You have come to the right place for all catering and household textiles for your company. Due to many years of experience, good advice will be given when making your choice. It is even possible for our advisers to visit your company to provide the best possible advice. Of course, you can also visit us in our showroom, here you can view the entire range. So don't wait too long and choose the best quality bath linen at Hagatex! In addition to bath linen, you can also contact us for your catering company for: