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Bed Runners

At Hagatex you can buy everything for your catering establishment or household. The bed runners cannot be missed. There are many design options for bed runners. This way you can match the bed runners to the atmosphere of the rooms.

Bed Runners according to your Wishes

Each bedroom has its own interior, the bed runners must match this. This way, the bed runners can match the colours of your company brand. The dimensions of the beds are also different, so a standard size is not desirable. At Hagatex you can request bed runners to your taste. The appearance can be different per bed runner. You can discuss your wishes in terms of dimensions and colours with us. It is also possible to place a delineating frame on the bed runners. This gives a truly regal look. The colours for the frame can also be completely adjusted to your wishes. The possibilities for the bed runners are therefore great. Would you like to discuss the options or share your preferences with us? Please contact us: 020-6531303.

Making a Bed with a Bed Runner

A few things are important to make a bed perfectly. The first one is the quality of the products. At Hagatex you only buy top-quality products. It is also good to use different layers to create a chic look. This can be done with decorative pillows, duvet covers or, for example, a bed runner. When all the accessories are present for the bed, the making process begins. The blankets and pillows should be laid out as tightly as possible for a luxurious look. Then the layers need to be added. The bed runner can be draped over the duvet cover. For the real hotel look, a small rolled-up washcloth or card can also be added to the bed runner.

Buy a Bed Runner at Hagatex

At Hagatex you can order everything in the field of catering textiles. You can also visit the webshop for all households. The online range is huge and all of the highest quality. Take a look online or contact us to talk to our advisors. In the end, you can completely personalize the bed runners to your wishes with us.