Bed Linen of the Finest Quality

Do you really want to offer your hotel visitors a luxurious overnight stay? Then choose our high-quality bedding! Our wide range of bed linen includes various covers, fitted sheets and blankets. In addition, we even offer complete bed sets. There is nothing better than sleeping under the finest bedding. Hagatex is happy to help you meet the needs of your loyal guests. Give your guests the opportunity to enjoy a great night’s sleep with our high-quality bedding.


Best Quality Bed Sheets for your Hotel Guests

With Hagatex bed linen you can offer the best quality for your hotel guests. The luxury bedding we offer is made from 100% Egyptian cotton, also known as the best cotton in the world. Due to the use of this material, our bedding is known for being extremely soft, high-quality and long-lasting products compared to other bed linen. You don't just choose a duvet cover by looking at the colour or the design. The material is just as important. Your visitors will spend the entire night under our bed linen, which is why it is crucial that the material feels pleasant and that the customer has a good feeling about an overnight stay in your hotel. Did your hotel guests have a good night's sleep? Then they will certainly recommend your hotel to friends, family or acquaintances. Which hotel owner does not want the best quality bedding for his guests? 

Bedding for your hotel

Whether you are looking for duvet covers, fitted sheets, blankets or complete beds, here at Hagatex we are happy to help your hotel. The incredibly soft bedding sets can be supplied in all shapes and sizes. In addition, these products are also available in many different colours, so our cotton bed linen always fits perfectly with your brand image. Do you need bedding for several rooms in your hotel? Then you can take advantage of our stack discount. The more bed linen you buy, the cheaper it is. 

Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Are you looking for Egyptian cotton bed linen? Then look no further, you have plenty of choice in the Hagatex product range. Our products are mainly made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton in a state-of-the-art weaving mill in Egypt. Egyptian cotton bedding is becoming more popular over the years. This is because cotton from Egypt is the world's best cotton. It can be distinguished from other natural fibres. The fabric is firmer and has the ability to absorb liquids, giving the fabrics deeper, more beautiful and brighter colours. In addition, Egyptian cotton sheets are also more resistant to damage and the colour remains beautiful for longer. This means that the bedding can last for years and does not have to be replaced often. Our comfortable bed sheets are ideal for your hotel beds so you can ensure the best quality for your visitors. Are you committed to offering the best service to your visitors? Then choose our Egyptian cotton bedding. 

Bed Sheets at Hagatex

Fortunately, Hagatex only supplies the best quality bedding, which we ensure will provide your visitors with a great sleeping experience. Do you have a personal preference and specific questions about our bed linen? Please contact us at +31206531303. Of course, you can also visit our showroom to view the full product range. Would you like to come by? Please call us to set up an appointment. Do you want to rent bed linen? We also offer linen rental services. In addition to bed linen rental, you can also contact us for: 

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