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Top-quality Table Runners

Are you looking for beautiful and high-quality table runners for your catering company? At Hagatex you are certainly in the right place. Hagatex has a wide range of table runners and has the perfect table runner for every catering company. A table runner is used as a decoration on a table and is often combined with a tablecloth. The table runners are made of different fabrics, ranging from polyester and satin to Egyptian cotton!

Buy Table Runners

The table runners that you can buy at Hagatex are all of excellent quality. As you are used to from us, you will receive a very attractive quantity discount when purchasing table runners. When you buy multiple table runners you can get up to 20% discount on the purchase. The quantity discount combined with the excellent quality of the table runners has made Hagatex a renowned player in the table runner market for many years. The different products can often be ordered in different sizes. This allows you, as an entrepreneur, to buy table runners that will look perfect on the tables of your catering establishment.

If you buy table runners from Hagatex, you are 100% assured of a good purchase. All products are tested intensively and will not be sold without the required quality requirements. The products are also delivered within 1 to 3 days, as you are used to from Hagatex. If you want custom-made table runners for your catering company, you can also order them from our webshop. Please contact us if you have any questions.