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Guest Towels

Are you looking for guest towels for your hotel or restaurant? At Hagatex you will find an extensive range of guest towels. Available in all kinds of colors and structures, made of 100% high-quality cotton. View our range below.

The Best Quality for your Guests

Guest towels are to be placed in the bathroom or near the sink in the toilet. A wonderfully soft guest towel that your guests can use to dry their hands. A guest towel in the toilet gives a luxurious look, especially the woven stripe gives the cloth an extra touch. Besides the fact that it gives a luxurious look to the bathroom or toilet, it is of course also hygienic. Washing hands after using the toilet is important. Having a towel to dry your hands is important because wet hands spread much more bacteria than dry hands. Hygiene in your hotel or restaurant is crucial.

Guest Towels made of High-Quality Cotton

Of course, you choose the best quality for your guests. You will find the best quality guest towels at Hagatex. The cotton our products are made or is made from 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is the softest cotton in the world and is of top quality. You will also feel the quality because this type of cotton is softer and smoother than less dense cotton. The guest towels are to be used at home as well as in the catering industry. Due to their good quality, the wipes last a long time and they also remain beautiful after frequent washing. With Egyptian cotton, you bring quality into your hotel and that is what you want for your guests.

Buy Guest Towels at Hagatex

Need guest towels? Of course, you can buy these at Hagatex. Hagatex has been a producer and supplier of textiles to catering companies for many years. We are specialists in the field of catering and household textiles. If you want, you can buy the guest towels in large quantities, you will even receive a stack discount. Do you order above €500,-? Then the order will be shipped completely free of charge. Do you have questions or need appropriate advice? We are always here for you. In addition to guest towels, we also sell other bath linen, such as towels, and bath towels.