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Hagatex Bath Maths

A bath mat is indispensable in every bathroom, whether it concerns the bathroom at your home or in your catering business. A bathroom can suddenly look much more stylish with this small addition, but bath mats are also functional. The bath mat ensures that you do not have cold and wet feet when you step out of the shower, and the mat also reduces the risk of slipping.

Bath Mats for your Catering Company

A bath mat is extremely important when the bathroom has a slippery surface. Of course, you want to prevent your guests from falling in the bathroom during a hotel visit because they have wet feet. Put down a bath mat and the chance of slipping will decrease significantly. In addition to safety, a bath mat also provides extra comfort. It is much nicer to stand with your clean feet on a soft mat instead of a cold and slippery surface. In addition, a beautiful shower mat can determine a lot about the appearance of the bathroom.

Best-quality Bath Mats

Are you looking for the best quality bath mats for your catering business? Then Hagatex is the right place for you. All our bath mats are made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton feels extremely soft yet very sturdy. The fabric can absorb a lot of moisture and can be easily washed in the washing machine. Our bath mats have a luxurious look and therefore give every bathroom that little extra. Combine the bath mat with the matching towels and washcloths.

Hagatex Bath Mats

At Hagatex you are assured of the best quality bath mats. In addition to bath linen, you can also contact us for bed linen, table linen, company clothing and more. Do you have any questions about our products? You can always contact us. In addition, our advisors can visit you to give you appropriate advice regarding purchasing for your catering company.