Linen Rental

Linen Rental

Linen renting instead of buying?
The advantages at a glance:

Hagatex offers the largest range of linen hire in Netherlands.

Hagatex has a nationwide reach, we select for you the best laundry in the region.

You have not at one time large investment.

Hagatex offers you a custom package tailored to your needs and budget.

You do not care about the quality of your linen package.

You choose color and design and we will make the package clean and cared for in your company is present.

Relative advantages linen paper

Below are some points to consider:

Linen is just expensive.
A linen napkin is more expensive than a paper napkin. But with a meal (starter, main course and dessert) uses a host almost always more than a paper server. Not infrequently even three. At a price of € 0.04 to € 0.05 per paper napkin the costs € 0.12 to € 0.15. Please still consider waste, storage and redemption. The price of our linen napkins is from € 0.16 . So linen is in the same price range as paper.

Linen is tricky because if you throw away paper.
Indeed, if you throw away paper. And if you use linen napkins throw it in a separate laundry bag. The same way you cutlery and plates also separate out, in short just as useful.

Now we roll cutlery in paper, which is much easier.
Once rolled, it is easy to discard. but do not forget the time previously required for the specification to roll. At linen napkins, it is not necessary to roll. Our workmanship can napkins be placed directly on the table, no additional actions.

Linen cost me too much space.
Catering entrepreneurs who buy paper generally large in three to six months ahead. This means: storage. In the concept of easyNapkin, the required space to a minimum. We supply weekly amount of napkins where there is a buffer with the size of about 10% of your weekly consumption.

Now I definitely own napkins to wash or have it done?
No, we do it for you. Our concept is all about convenience. We buy the napkins and rent to you. After use, we collect the napkins again and clean it in our own specialized laundry. We supply the napkins folded and ready for use depending on your packaging needs back to you.

Linen is nice, but when I come short peaks.
You will not fail. We ensure that you have a buffer of 10% to 20% of your weekly consumption. Once you are one year customer than we anticipate in the extradition seasonality with you. If you already know yourself (or suspects) that you need more napkins than normal, is enough to call at our weekly round extra napkins to deliver. Also for parties or events.

Normally you sit at linen-owners committed to a long term contract.
It is true that other linen landlord working with lengthy contracts. With us you sign a user agreement whereby a maximum notice period is three months. Besides a term so that you can decide, you also have the flexibility your weekly consumption to increase or decrease (without fines and lump sums).

My experience is that in linen napkins stain.
The cleaning of linen requires a very specific cleaning with matching equipment, temperature, composition and dosage of cleaning substances essential for a good result. This process is different from the washing of linen and clothes for example. We are fully focused on this specific cleaning (of linen) and ensure that we can only deliver a clean napkin.

Then I certainly every week the used napkins count?
We pick the used was with you in a lockable laundry bag. In the laundry you use napkins first counted, so before they are cleaned. This count we link writing or via e-mail back to you so you can view keeps your actual consumption. The consumption data we use ourselves for the next week the right amount of napkins returned to the supplier.