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High-quality Napkins

Are you looking for napkins for your restaurant, coffee shop or other catering establishments? Then you have come to the right place here at Hagatex. If you are already familiar with our company, you know that you can contact us for almost all sizes of tablecloths, tablecloths, table runners, table maths, napkins and complete tablecloth sets. On this page, you will find all our beautiful napkins, which we can deliver in all colours and sizes. You can always assume that the napkins we offer are manufactured with the utmost care.

Egyptian Cotton Napkins

The napkins you will find at Hagatex are only of the best quality. In most cases, our products are made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton. Our wide range of table linen has been serving hundreds of catering establishments for many years in the demand for professional napkins, which can also have your logo printed on them. Do you also want to be provided with high-quality napkins? Simply order these online via our webshop or contact us by phone or email. Napkins are indispensable in a thriving catering business. Whether you are looking for small numbers of napkins or large numbers, we can always be of service. Hagatex napkins are characterized by a number of words: cheap and high-quality. It is not for nothing that we are the number 1 catering wholesaler with regard to catering linen. Our napkins also belong to our top-quality products. For many years, Hagatex has been a supplier of napkins and other catering products made of the best cotton, namely Egyptian cotton. Whether you have a snack bar, restaurant or hotel, Hagatex napkins offer a solution in any case. We supply our napkins in all shapes and sizes. Take a quick look at our shop. Do you have questions about our napkins, or do you want to order larger numbers of napkins? Then please contact us.

Printed Napkins with Logo

Would you like to have your professional napkins printed with your company logo? This can be done! We have been supplying hundreds of catering companies in the Netherlands with professional napkins for many years. We can then also print it with your logo. With professional napkins, you provide that extra bit of professionalism and luxury to your company. You can then complete this with a logo. Contact us and we will discuss the possibilities!

Cotton & Paper Napkins

In general, there are two different types of napkins, namely cotton napkins and paper napkins. In our product range, you will find Egyptian cotton napkins. Cotton napkins provide a chic look. Egyptian cotton is considered the best cotton in the world and is very popular with professional catering companies for a reason.

Buy Cheap Napkins online at Hagatex

Do you not want to spend too much money on napkins, but still enjoy high quality? At Hagatex you are assured of inexpensive napkins of professional quality. Have you found nice napkins in our range? Order directly or contact us. Buy cheap napkins online at Hagatex, the number 1 catering wholesaler in the Netherlands.

Napkins in Different Colours and Sizes

In our range, you will find napkins in different colours. We have suitable professional napkins for every occasion and space. We sell napkins in the following colours: - Anthracite - Apricot - Beige - Bordeaux - Champagne - Cream - Dark Red - Dusty Pink - Gold - Ivory - Ivy Green - Light Yellow - Mint Green - Sky Blue - White - Black.

The Number 1 Catering Wholesaler

Looking for professional napkins for your café, restaurant or other catering establishments? At Hagatex you will find the napkins you are looking for. We have been the number 1 catering wholesaler in the Netherlands for years. Order your napkins online at Hagatex now and benefit from competitive prices, high quality and excellent service!