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Percale Cotton Duvet Covers

Are you looking to provide the best quality sleep to your hotel guests or your own bedroom at home? Then you will love our collection of soft and smooth percale duvet covers. Percale duvet covers are woven in a particular way which makes the fabric smoother and softer than a regular cotton cover. Plus, we offer the best quality by using 100% Egyptian Cotton.

What is Percale Cotton?

Percale cotton is made of 100% cotton and therefore also has the finest properties such as being moisture-absorbent and breathable. Percale is especially good to be used during summer because of its crispy fabric which ensures a nice and cool feeling. The difference between normal cotton and percale cotton is the thread count. As satin cotton, percale also has a higher number of threads. The minimum amount of threads is 200 per inch or 3 cm long. Not only, the number is higher but the threads are also thinner. This makes the percale cotton feel soft and smooth. The main difference between satin and percale cotton is the way they are woven. Percale cotton is woven in a basic crisis cross weave using a one-over, one-under structure and satin cotton are woven in a four-over, one-under.

Benefits of having a Percale Duvet Cover

Choose from our collection of cotton percale duvet covers if you want to experience top-tier quality bedding. These are the benefits of choosing percale cotton:

  • Soft, smooth and breathable
  • Crispy and cool
  • Moisture-absorbent
  • Perfect for summertime
  • Stays beautiful for a long time
  • Easy to maintain
Choose the best quality for your hotel guests or just for yourself and your family at home, choose percale cotton.

Choose our Hagatex Percale Duvet Covers

Our duvet covers are made out of 100% Egyptian cotton which feels extremely soft and luxurious. This type of cotton is very durable because it consists of long and thin cotton fibers that are at least 3 centimetres long. As a result, the threads are thinner than the average cotton. Our satin duvet covers have breathable properties and a moisture-absorbing effect. This way, you will always feel comfortable while sleeping. Plus, our percale duvet covers are perfect for summertime since their texture is crispy and gives a nice and cool feeling to our customers.

Which Percale Duvet Cover sizes do we offer?

Our percale duvet covers can be found in different sizes. You can choose from our collection of duvet covers in the following sizes:

  • 140 x 240cm
  • 200 x 240cm
  • 240 x 240cm
These sizes can easily fit your need in terms of bedding. These covers will perfectly fit on top of your queen-sized bed for instance.

Maintaining the Quality of your Percale Duvet Covers

Another benefit of cotton satin is the ease of maintenance. You can simply wash the fabric in the washing machine at 60 degrees. However, we advise turning the covers inside out before doing so. Moreover, due to the high thread density, the satin fabric has little or no tendency to crease. Lastly, once the covers are washed and dried, you can easily iron them.

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Plus, do not hesitate to contact us in case you have questions about personalization, renting linen or just wanting to make an appointment to come to visit our showroom. We will gladly welcome you and answer all the questions you might have.