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High-quality Tablecloths

Want to impress your guests? With high-quality tablecloths from Hagatex, you will make an unforgettable impression. A tablecloth is often used in the catering industry to cover the tables in order to prevent stains. But tablecloths are also chosen to create a certain atmosphere. With a tablecloth made from the best cotton, you can be sure that you are getting the best for beautifully decorated tables in your restaurant.

Egyptian Cotton Tablecloth

To guarantee the best quality tablecloths for your catering company, we only use the best materials. With cotton from Egypt, we can guarantee the quality you want. Egyptian cotton is known as the world's best cotton. Several factors led to this. For example, tablecloths made of Egyptian cotton are softer, stronger and finer. Which ensures a longer lifespan than a tablecloth made of other cotton types. This is because the length of the cotton fibre makes it possible to make the best yarns without sacrificing strength. Also, the ability to absorb liquids gives Egyptian cotton fabrics deeper, brighter and more resistant colours. If you choose a tablecloth made of Egyptian cotton, you choose the best quality. Although the average price for an Egyptian cotton tablecloth is higher than other types of cotton, the longer lifespan ensures that you get the quality you pay for. So even if you are looking for cheap tablecloths, you have come to the right place.

Tablecloths in Different Colours

Hagatex tablecloths are available in many different colours. In addition to the popular white choice, you can also opt for chic colours such as beige, burgundy and champagne. To create a specific atmosphere for theme parties, for example, tablecloths are also available in gold, mint green and light yellow. There is a wide range of different colours of tablecloths.

Cleaning Tablecloths

After a busy evening with many guests, chances are that the tablecloths have become dirty. The Egyptian cotton tablecloths are easy to keep clean by washing them in the washing machine after use. After many washes, the quality of the tablecloths remains guaranteed and they still look like new.

Create a pleasant Atmosphere with Table Linen

In addition to a chic tablecloth, a table can be further decorated in various ways. For example, Hagatex has a wide range of table linen. Expand your table decoration with napkins, table maths or a complete tablecloth set for the right atmosphere.

Tablecloths at Hagatex

At Hagatex you are assured of the best quality tablecloths. We almost exclusively supply products made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton, which is known as the best cotton in the world. Do you want to know which size tablecloth is suitable for your tables? Calculate it yourself with the calculator. You can also have your tablecloth made to measure with us, curious about the possibilities or do you have any questions? You can always call us at +31 (0) 20 653 13 03 or visit our showroom to view the full range.