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Head Fitted Sheets

In the hospitality industry and also at home, it is important to properly protect your bed. The protection allows you to enjoy the beds for longer. So, this is a solution that is future-oriented. It costs money now but saves money in the future. So, it is a good investment! You can protect your mattresses with a fitted sheet from Hagatex. There are two types of fabrics available. The fabrics are both top quality to make your night’s sleep even more pleasant.

What is a Fitted Sheet?

A fitted sheet is often used to protect a mattress. The sheet ensures that moisture is removed. This way, it doesn't get absorbed into the mattress. The sheets are made in such a way that it is easy to slide around a mattress. As a result, Hagatex also offers three standard sizes.

  • 160x270x30
  • 240x270x30
  • 280x270x30
The sheets fit exactly around the beds to provide the right protection. If you do not see the correct sizes, you can always contact us and talk about your preferences. The options can then be explored together.

Stacking Discount for the Head Fitted Sheets

At Hagatex you can choose a fitted sheet made of 100% Egyptian cotton or polyester/cotton. Both variants are of top quality. Egyptian cotton is known as the best cotton in the world. This variant is also slightly more expensive than the polyester fitted sheet. A polyester fitted sheet costs 8.20 euros per piece whereas the Egyptian cotton sheet price is 13.55 euros. At Hagatex you can order the sheets with a stacking discount. This way you can also receive a greater discount for larger orders. The prices differ per amount of sheets ordered. The prizes are divided into the following quantities:

  • Between 1-29 sheets
  • Between 30- 99 sheets
  • Between 100-249 sheets
  • Above 250 sheets
With an order of more than 250 sheets, it will be the cheapest in proportion. So take advantage of these discounts for your entire catering establishment.

Order Fitted Sheets at Hagatex

Hagatex is a specialist with years of experience in the hospitality industry and household textiles. You can easily place your order online or view the entire extensive range. If you have any questions please contact us! Our advisors are happy to help you.