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Hagatex Duvet

Are you looking for bedding duvets for your hotel? In addition to a Hagatex duvet, we also have other bedding products such as hotel duvet covers, pillowcases, bed and fitted sheets, moltons, pillows and blankets. All products provide your guests with a high-quality made bed. Because together with the duvet cover, the duvet is essential in a hotel room. This is the eye-catcher of the room.

High-quality use of materials

A Hagatex duvet is known for its high-quality use of materials. Providing high-quality products is a must for a luxury hotel and the duvets should feel way better than guests are used to at home. The difference between hotel duvets and regular duvets is often the difference in quality.

Hagatex range of Duvets

For a basic duvet, you should go for a relatively inexpensive duvet that consists of microfibre, polyester, ticking and hollow fiber filling. The Hagatex duvet is available in almost every imaginable size, so it will fit on every bed. Do you want to go for something of better quality? Think of a duvet made of 100% sanforized cotton, this duvet is provided with high-quality polyester filling. Finally, there is the 4-season duvet. Also available in almost all sizes. The Hagatex duvet is anti-allergic, light and airy in the summer and warm in the winter. It is a comfortable duvet with an insulating function. When your guests lie under this duvet, they will immediately notice that this duvet is made of high-quality materials. A good bed and duvet are often the calling card of your hotel.

Logo on your textile?

Do you need to embroider or print your own logo on our textile or Hagatex duvet? Everything is possible at Hagatex. Printing or embroidering your textiles often gives that extra luxury that guests can appreciate. Towels, terry slippers, but also bedding can be provided with your logo. It all contributes to the luxurious look. You can choose between printing or embroidery in full colour or weaving. Do you have a substantive question about textile printing or another question about our range? We are available every day to answer your questions as best we can!