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Are you looking for Fitted Sheets?

A fitted sheet is essential on every bed, but especially on a hotel bed. This is the layer between the mattress and the body. Fitted sheets protect the mattress and can contribute to a good night’s sleep. It is therefore advisable to use a fitted sheet to keep the mattress clean and fresh for as long as possible. A fitted sheet is elastic all around, so that it stays in place around the mattress, and is available in different colours, sizes and materials.

Fitted Sheets for your Catering Business

When you visit a hotel, there is nothing better than a clean and fresh bed. A fitted sheet not only protects the mattress but can also contribute to a good night's sleep. This is because it is the layer between the mattress and the body. A fine fabric can therefore result in more comfort. A fitted sheet can provide cooling in the summer and extra warmth in the winter.

Best-quality Fitted Sheets

Do you want the best quality fitted sheets for your guests? At Hagatex, we guarantee the highest quality. Whether you are looking for a fitted sheet for a regular mattress or for a topper, you have come to the right place. All our fitted sheets are made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton is known all over the world. This cotton is not only soft and comfortable, but it also has breathable properties. Cotton is a suitable fabric for the whole year.

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

It is not for nothing that we only sell fitted sheets of Egyptian cotton. Just like you, we like to offer the best quality to our customers. When we talk about cotton, it is a fact that Egyptian cotton is of the highest quality. Egyptian cotton has a luxurious and modern image and is considered the best cotton in the world. All our items are woven in a state-of-the-art weaving mill in Egypt. This way we can guarantee its high quality.

What is Egyptian Cotton?

But what exactly is Egyptian cotton? There are many types of cotton, of which Egyptian cotton is one of them. This type of cotton has been around for more than 12,000 years and is a very popular type of cotton worldwide for, among other things, fitted sheets. Egyptian cotton is characterized by long fibres, strong fibres, the ability to absorb liquids, softness and great purity.

Why choose Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets?

Fitted sheets of Egyptian cotton have many advantages over other types of fitted sheets. It is not without reason that these types of fitted sheets are extremely popular in hotels, for instance. But what exactly are the properties and why should you choose Egyptian cotton fitted sheets? These are the main advantages: Egyptian cotton feels soft Egyptian cotton is durable, strong and of the highest quality Egyptian cotton has the longest threads in the world and absorbs a lot of moisture Egyptian cotton gives a luxurious feeling

Fitted Sheets at Hagatex

For all catering and household textiles for your company, it is best to contact Hagatex! Curious about which fitted sheet is suitable for your company? We would love to help you. We even offer a service where our advisors can come by to give appropriate advice. In addition to bedding, you can also contact us for bath towels, kitchen towels, company clothing and more.