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Hagatex Pillows & Cushions

Are you looking for pillows for your hotel, bed & breakfast or hostel? Then you have come to the right place at Hagatex! At Hagatex, you can find everything you need to fill your hotel, bed and breakfast or hostel with. Think of mattresses, pillowcases, hotel pillows, but also necessities for the dining room such as cutlery, table runners and napperons. As you can see, you can buy just about all the necessities for your hotel at Hagatex! Our extensive range of pillows can be found on this page. Pillows are essential for a positive visitor experience. Even if the place to stay is luxurious, if the visitors sleep badly because of the bed quality, the entire visitor experience will suffer. Please ensure that this will not be the case in your accommodation.

Hagatex Pillow Basic

The Hagatex pillow basic is one of our most popular products. This is because the Hagatex pillow basic is of good quality and is also available at a very friendly price. The Hagatex pillow basic is available for a low price of €7.35. For this amount of money, you get a really good pillow. In addition to the Hagatex pillow basic, you can contact Hagatex for many other pillows. We offer a varied choice with pillows ranging from €7.35 to €17.50. If you choose the most expensive pillow, you know that you have the best possible product in the market for your beds.

Buy Hagatex Cushions

If you want to buy Hagatex cushions, you can do so on our webshop. In addition to buying the Hagatex cushions, you can also take a look at the rest of the Hagatex webshop! You will be amazed at the wide range of supplies for your accommodation. As you are used to from Hagatex, the products are generally delivered to your location within one to three working days. This way you will have new Hagatex cushions for your accommodation in no time! For further questions, you can always contact us.