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Colors Unlimited

If you are looking for hotel cosmetics, the Colors Unlimited brand is the right choice. The appearance of the products brightens up any room. The bright colours make every bathroom playful. They are high-quality products specially designed for the hotel industry.

The Products

Colors Unlimited's products meet the highest standards of the hotel industry. All tubes are packed in colourful packaging and contain 30 ml of product. The four tubes that Hagatex provides are essential for hotel bathrooms. These products are:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Bath & Shower gel
  • Body lotion
The tubes can be ordered in minimum quantities of 500 pieces. The Colors Unlimited products are distributed in ten boxes of fifty tubes. Ideal for ordering larger quantities. You only pay 21 cents per tube. In addition to the four tubes, it is also possible to order soap in purple paper packaging. These soaps can be ordered per 1000 pieces.

The Formula

The Colors Unlimited collection is characterized by the scent of green tea. The formula is known for its mild and vegan ingredients. With the overarching green tea scent, natural scents are added. The ingredients that come back in every product are lemon, Citrus, lily, musky and woody. The products are suitable for daily use without drying out the skin. The formula improves the hotel experience for your guests. The products grab attention through the colourful packaging.

Buy Colors Unlimited at Hagatex

At Hagatex, delivering top-quality and special designs is critical. We offer all the necessities for the hospitality industry. With our many years of experience as a producer and supplier in the hospitality sector, we are happy to help you with all purchases. The offer on the site consists of a lot of high-quality linen and Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is known as the best cotton in the world. At Hagatex you pay a low price for high quality.