When you need new bed sheets for your hotel, you naturally opt for quality. At Hagatex you will only find sheets of the highest quality. These are perfectly suited for your hotel or other hospitality business. Fabric technology has come a long way in recent years and a lot of progress has been made. Many companies opt for cheaper polyester. Yet you have much more quality at home with Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton offers similar performance benefits to polyester but in a natural, breathable fibre.

Why Egyptian cotton bed sheets?

Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt. Here, the warm climate helps produce a longer fibre that can be spun into very fine threads. Because this fibre is longer, it is also easier to whip it into sheets with high thread counts, which you may already know is more desirable, as these high thread counts feel softer and smoother than less dense cotton.

Egyptian cotton sheets are also more resistant to damage and dyed sheets tend to hold their colour longer without fading. Exactly what you need for your visitors! Egyptian cotton is a popular choice for sheet making, as it has more thread count and thickness than regular cotton. The strength and durability of the fibres in combination with the low risk of shrinkage make it a perfect choice. Super absorbent, warm and breathable cotton sheets wick moisture away from your body and are therefore perfect for your hotel beds.

The best quality for your visitors

Available in a variety of colours including the popular choice of white, the sheets we offer are soft and thick and will last for many years with proper care. Do you also want to opt for quality and do you want to offer your visitors the best that exists? Then choose Egyptian cotton from Hagatex!