At Hagatex, we are the perfect supplier for your catering company. Are you the owner of a catering company such as restaurants, hotels, lunchrooms, eateries, bars, coffee houses, lounges, brasseries or another company? Then Hagatex is the right place for you. We supply and produce everything in the field of textiles. All products are self-produced from the best Egyptian cotton. Many companies have happy cooperation with Hagatex. This is because service and quality are a priority in the company. We ensure that your catering company has a professional appearance. Hagatex supplies different types of Egyptian cotton linen. We choose the cotton we use ourselves, so we always guarantee the customer the best quality.

Egyptian cotton table linen

At Hagatex you will find the best linen for your catering company. We can take care of your table linen down to the last detail. Think of napkinstablecloths, table runners, table maths and tablecloth sets. Are you looking for the most beautiful napkins for your company? Then Hagatex is the right place for you! We have a large stock of different napkins. Such as a Satin ribbon for € 1.50 each, and Tuta napkins for € 1.50 each. In addition, Hagatex also supplies Saada napkins, French lily napkins, Lino napkins and more plain polyester napkins. Because Hagatex is suitable as a wholesaler, the napkins are cheaper per piece if you order more. You can receive the cheapest price with 300 or more pieces. In addition to the most beautiful napkins, Hagatex also supplies tablecloths. We also have different types of sheets made of the strongest cotton. Egyptian cotton.

The most beautiful bath towels

Are you the owner of a hotel, bed & breakfast or any other type of business? Then of course you want your bath linen to be in tip-top order. We at Hagatex have the same vision and strive for it. At Hagatex you are at the right address for your bath linen. We supply bath linen such as towels in different sizes, bath towels in different sizes and colours, bathrobes and bath slippers, guest towels, bath mats, sauna towels, beach towels, washcloths of the finest cotton. Hagatex is also available as a supplier for your spa and wellness company. All our bath linen is made from Egyptian cotton, we choose this cotton because this cotton is the softest. Has the best quality and from which you benefit the most as a catering company. We at Hagatex can also deliver large orders of 500 pieces.