What is Lits Jumeaux

When you are looking for new bed linen, chances are you will come across the term ‘Lits Jumeaux‘. It has been a very popular type of bedding for decades, but what is it really? And what does it mean? In this article, we tell you everything about Lits Jumeaux. For example, we discuss the origin, the difference with a double bed and the dimensions. Are you reading along?

The origin

As you probably expected, the term ‘Lits Jumeaux’ is a French term. Lits stands for ‘ beds ‘ and jumeaux is translated as ‘twins’. The word ‘Lits Jumeaux’ therefore stands for two identical single beds that are pushed together. Together they then form the Lits Jumeaux. There are special Lits Jumeaux duvet covers for this type of bed. In the Netherlands Lits Jumeaux is also called ‘liezjemo’ or ‘lisimo’.

Difference Lits Jumeaux and 2-person

Where you may think that a Lits Jumeaux is exactly the same as a double bed, in practice, this is really something else. Both beds have a number of differences. In general, a Lits Jumeaux has larger dimensions than a ‘standard’ double bed. For example, a Lits Jumeaux is on average 160 to 200 cm wide, whereas a normal double bed is 140 cm wide.

Although an original Lits Jumeaux bed offered a lot of space, the hard edge in the middle was not ideal for couples who wanted to sleep together. Fortunately, nowadays you don’t have to worry about this. You can now simply choose one bed in the desired width.

Dimensions Lits Jumeaux

When you purchase a Lits Jumeaux, it is of course also useful to have the correct dimensions for the bedding. Below is a handy overview of which sizes you can use:

  • Fitted sheet: You can always use the size of the mattress for a fitted sheet.
  • Duvet: For a Lits Jumeaux there are special Lits Jumeaux duvets available in the size 240×200/220 cm.

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