When it comes to high-quality cotton, Egyptian cotton is definitely number one. Hagatex customers know that almost all our products are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, the best cotton in the world. But what exactly is Egyptian cotton, and why is it a must-have for your bed and tables? Here are three things you should know about Egyptian cotton and what makes the material so special.

The best quality

For a fabric to be considered Egyptian cotton, it must meet a strict set of rules and regulations. Our linen and bedding are 100% made in Egypt – from cultivation to production and every step in between. We mainly supply products made from 100% high-quality Egyptian cotton, which is known as the best cotton in the world. The items from our range are manufactured in a state-of-the-art weaving mill in Egypt.

Extremely soft

If you are looking for the most luxurious, soft and comfortable fabric you have ever felt, then Egyptian cotton is what you are looking for. The breathable and moisture-repellent fabric has a beautiful shine and is a must-have for a great night’s sleep. To guarantee extra softness and quality, an extra step is added to the production process. The cotton is combed through a machine to remove loose particles so that it can be spun without any impurities.

Perfectly absorbent

The superior absorbency of Egyptian cotton allows it to hold a dye like no other cotton. The amazing ability to absorb liquid means deeper colours as a result. Egyptian cotton from Hagatex absorbs moisture so well that the colour remains bright instead of faded, as is noticeable with many other types of cotton.