Hagatex has been the address for catering linen rental and sale for many years. We started almost 30 years ago as a supplier of bedbath and table linen to the hospitality industry. However, you can now contact Hagatex for many more products and services. Over the years, our range has grown into a complete bed linen, bath linen and/or table linen package for hotels and restaurants, but did you know that you can also contact Hagatex for all your hotel cosmetics?

Hotel cosmetics of the best quality

We only use products of the best quality. The materials of our linen (almost everything is Egyptian cotton ) are of very high quality. Of course, the same applies to our hotel cosmetics. We currently offer hotel cosmetics in two different categories: The Spa Collection and Colors Unlimited.

The Spa Collection is known as one of the best names in the hotel industry. It is a Dutch brand that completes the hotel experience for your visitors and guests. We currently have about 23 products in our range within The Spa Collection, almost each with a wonderful fresh lemon scent. Chances are that as a hotel visitor (anywhere in the world) you have used this brand of hotel cosmetics.

Fresh scents and colours

Another brand of hotel cosmetics that we offer at Hagatex is Colors Unlimited. So-called guest supplies and hotel cosmetics are a must for every hotel, so why not opt ​​for the best products right away? In addition to The Spa Collection, Colors Unlimited products are also of great quality. The colourful cosmetics are bold and cheerful. It ensures that every hotel room looks festive thanks to the colourful and sporty looks of the packaging. While the Spa Collection has a delicious lemon scent, the Colors Unlimited cosmetics have a fresh sparkling aroma of green tea. Tasty!