You know it when you go out for dinner and there is beautiful table linen on the table. The nicest restaurants contain the nicest napkins, the whitest tablecloths and the neatest table maths. We at Hagatex supply bed, bath and table linen to all kinds of catering companies. If you are the owner of, for example, a restaurant, hotel, brasserie or other catering company, Hagatex is the supplier for your company. Hagatex produces and supplies everything that has to do with catering/household textiles and linen rental. Hagatex products are produced from the best Egyptian cotton and the best textiles. Hagatex is also the destination for wholesale orders.

High-quality linen

As a supplier and producer of the best quality linen, Hagatex will be able to fulfil your wishes in the field of catering image. We supply hotel cosmetics such as shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, conditioner and soap, all available in 500 pieces. In addition, we also have table linen for your dining and enjoyment space. Think of napkins, tablecloths, table runners, table maths and tablecloth sets. Made from the finest Egyptian cotton and available in large quantities. Hagatex also specializes in bed linen. We supply duvet covers, pillowcases, bed sheets, fitted sheets, fitted sheets, flannel, duvets, pillows, blankets and bed runners. Look no further because Hagatex has everything in a specialized range, especially for catering companies.

As the owner of a catering company, you undoubtedly have a top-notch staff. We at Hagatex want to produce the best care and appearance for your staff with our work clothing. For example, we supply chef’s jackets, chef’s trousers, aprons, aprons, headgear, service clothing and jersey wear. Company clothing is produced for men and women in every size.

Hagatex wants to offer the best quality and service to its customers. To guarantee our service, we deliver our products free of charge with orders from €500. Hagatex also provides appropriate advice for your company via our customer service. You can reach Hagatex by calling 020 653 13 03. Or you can send an email to