When choosing the right bedding for your home or hotel, it is critical to take into consideration multiple factors. One of the most important factors is understanding the importance of thread count and all the various types of cotton. Keep reading if you are someone looking to choose the best bedding for yourself, your family or your hotel guests!

What is a thread count?

Thread count refers to the measurement of the fineness of a fabric such as bed sheets or towels. Basically, it is a measure of how tightly woven the material is.

This is calculated by adding the amount of lengthwise and widthwise threads within a specific area. For instance, a cotton sheet with 200 warp threads and 200 weft threads in a square inch of fabric would be considered to be of a thread count of 400.

Understanding the thread count when choosing sheets, for example, helps to make a better choice since it is an indicator of the softness of the fabric and the overall quality.

Is thread count important when choosing sheets?

When choosing the proper sheets for you, understanding the meaning of thread count is increasingly important. This is the case because a lower thread count would mean that the fabric is either woven loosely or too thick making the sheets feel rougher. On the other hand, a higher thread count should feel softer. That is why we advise you to learn more about thread count in order to be able to choose the proper bed sheets for you.

Is a higher thread count better?

Sheets containing a higher thread count are usually more expensive and are also marketed to be of a higher quality. Having a higher thread count can be an indication of higher quality but it is not always the case.

Looking to buy quality sheets containing a thread count of, for instance, 400 might feel better than a different set of sheets containing a thread count of 200. However, other than the thread count, it is important to take into consideration the quality of the yarn used and the weave. Either way, the most reasonable thread count to focus on is 200 to 600.

What is the best thread count for sheets?

The best bed sheets out there usually have a thread count between 200 and 400. Thread counts lower than 180 tend to maintain a rougher texture. Thread counts ranging higher than 400 certainly exist but, some websites could be using an inflated number as a marketing tactic to sell their product for a higher price so we advise being careful when choosing products such as bed sheets or duvet covers.

These are some basic ranges of thread counts for sheets of different materials:

  • Cotton sheets: 200-400
  • Egyptian cotton: 300-400
  • Percale sheets: 200-400
  • Sateen sheets: 300-600
  • Bamboo: 300-500
  • Linen: 80-140

An important note is a fact that many other materials do not use thread count as a form of measurement. Some of these are Silk, Microfiber, Flannel and Jersey.

How to choose the right sheets for you?

When choosing the right sheets for you, three important factors must be taken into consideration:

  1. Thread count: cotton sheets with a thread count ranging between 200 and 400 is a perfect choice when it comes to bedding choices. Sheets with a thread count below or above may be too rough or too soft for your liking.
  2. Fabric built: the main types of cotton are percale and satin weave. The way a percale sheet is made is by using a one-thread over-on-thread technique. Percale sheets maintain a crisp feel, and a matte look and are very breathable. On the other hand, the satin weave is made by using the four threads over one technique and is more smooth to the touch.
  3. Fibre content: the highest quality yarns are made from premium kinds of cotton with a longer fibre thread count. They help the threads remain more flat and smooth making the entire fabric softer and more durable for a longer time. That is why Egyptian cotton is considered to be luxurious, they have longer staple cotton fibres.

Which are the main types of woven fabric?

As mentioned before, woven sheets can be made from diverse types of materials such as bamboo, linen and cotton. Depending on the type of material used, there are three main kinds of weave:

  • Percale: one thread over and one thread under the weave.
  • Satin: one thread under and three or four threads over the weave.
  • Twill: diagonal parallel ribs made by passing the weft thread over one or more warp threads and then passing it under two or more warp threads.


In conclusion, when trying to buy luxury sheets, it is critical to have a good understanding of the importance of thread count when choosing the right bedding for yourself, your family members or your hotel guests. Taking into account factors such as thread count, various kinds of fabrics and materials is necessary to make the most out of your purchase!